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Hi people. Looking for a lap top. I don't know much about them. And guessing you do. I use my phone a lot. But it's just not cutting it. Nagging from wife and daughter mean it need to happen now.
Like a screen 14 to 17"
1 TB hard drive. As use pictures and video as part of my job.
like a mic and camera for online chats.
Need some office program to open files and storing them.
Needs to be simple to use like me.
Needs to multitask as I get frustrated if it's slow.
blue tooth would be nice to send things from phone to laptop. Battery needs to be reasonable and be able to last for the day.
Sorry if missed of important things. Like I said don't know much about them. Or best place to go for one.
Many Thanks in advance.


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Go to any major computer store and explain your needs. You can then be shown a selection, you can test the keyboard check the screen etc. etc. The best places to go would be curries/PC World John Lewis etc
Bear in mind there there are 2 popular fanboys/girls Apple and Windows. Apple make Macbooks/Macbook pros. The other are windows based laptop made by various companies. Either will do what you want but they are not compatible with each other. If your daughter needs it for homework check that the school doesn't have specific requirements. If you need a speedy laptop don't get one with a mechanical hard drive, look for one with a solid state drive and a minimum of 8GB RAM. You need to be paying upwards of £700 and probably double that for Macbooks
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Many Thanks for your help. I tried curries but just kids hanging around on phones just wanted to give me one word answers. I think I need windows as daughter is on that and if her lap top at uni gives in. Mine could be used as back up. SSD is new to me, looking into that. And 8gb ram Thanks for that advice as daughter didn't know.

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