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Virgin Tivo will not work with my HDMI Splitter ?


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Hi Guys
I bought the below a few months back and all has been ok and was using it with my MCE setup splitting the HDMI to my Main Plasma and a 32 LCD in the bedroom and then using the other PC DVI out to go to my projector setup. It manages 1080p no problem and had no issues playing bluerays with it plugged in.

Neet® - 2 Way HDMI SPLITTER BOX 1x2 Port (1 input 2 output) - Active Amplifier - v1.3c -1080p Full HD - Display HD on 2 TVs - ** 3D ENABLED **

I got sick of the MCE HTPC setup and bought the new Virgin Tivo 1TB. Loving it althought it is a little slow at times (UI). The main problem is that the Splitter will not work ? The box has 2 LED's to show when a display is plugged in but it will only ever show 1 LED at a time. Is this Tivo somehow detecting the splitter ? Has anyone else got this problem ? Its a big deal to a prospective buyer !


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I have my TiVo connected to 3 televisions through a Loops HDMI distribution amplifier with one input and four outputs. Everything works fine, with any one, any two or all three TVs connected. The TiVo output is set to 1080i and all 3 TVs automatically switch to that resolution when they detect a signal on the HDMI input.

I do not know whether this is possible, but it occurs to me that a distribution system would not work if the TiVo were set to auto-detect the input required by the TV, and the 2 TVs were permanently set (i.e. no auto-detect) to receive different resolutions, say 720p and 1080i. The TiVo would then set its output to suit the first TV switched on, and the other TV would then not be able to display the picture.

I had always thought, however, that all TVs automatically adjust their screen resolution to suit the source connected to the HDMI input, in which case my theory is completely wrong.


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I have the exact same splitter and virgin TiVo and mine is working fine, occasionally though there is a hiccup where it doesnt detect that I have turned the tv on and I have to turn it back off and on again.. this was never an issue with sky but the splitter does work.


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I have the Neet 5 way switch and my new TiVo box keeps turning the HDMI signal off when my DVD player takes control. So when I go back to TV it doesn't work. I have to power everything off and on again. Anyone know how to stop TiVo doing this?

I had the Virgin V+ box before and didn't have this problem.
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I use TiVo with a CYP splitter.
It works fine and is no worse than skyhd or human fosat HDR as regards HDMI handshaking.
On very rare occasions I have to reboot the splitter, TV and/ or AV amp.

Hdmi splitting seems to be a bit hit or miss depending on your set of devices.

I guess setting TiVo to output only 1080i might help, otherwise try a friends splitter if he has a different make or model.


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I have the same problem with my tivo box and a splitter!!!! When i switch off one of the tv's it powers down! never had a problem with my v+ box so must be the tivo! any developments with this problem???

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