Virgin Super Experience - Any Advice?


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I've been given one of these as a Christmas present, and I wondered if anyone has had any experience of them & can offer advice and/or tips.

In a sense it's a bit late because I've already booked, but nonetheless comments would be appreciated.

As I understand it, I get up to 4 laps each in a choice of 4 cars, which I had to pick in advance. I've chosen a Lambo, an Aston, a Porsche and a Subaru. I don't know for sure which models, but I reckon that's a good mix of different car styles.

I've booked for Long Marston near Stratford for a day in April. I've also taken out excess insurance (£35) and a video record (£45) - have I wasted my money? Without the former, the insurance excess is apparently £5k.

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Been on a few driving experience days and they have always be great, but sadly over to quickly. Never paid for extra insurance. Usually find they'll offer some extra drives on the day, I wanted to go out as a passenger in an ariel atom last time but couldn't fit it in my time slot, the guy driving was throwing it about like a man possessed!! Anyway enjoy your day :smashin:

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