Virgin+ RF tuning


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Appreciate any help on this one.

My father has just upgraged to V+ (sorry I dont know the make/model) and the old Virgin box had an RF splitter so he could watch virgin on 2 tvs at the same time. Since the upgrade there appears to be no RF output from the V+ box (it might just mean the TV needs returning)
Can someone please confirm the following points

1. that V+ does put out an RF signal (I know it wont display the HD channels). I know Ive still got connectivity there as the analogue channels are displayed with no issues.
2. if 1 is a yes, what the RF frequency is, so I can tune the TV accordingly. I assume that the RF frequency is different from the old Virgin Boxes to the V+ ones ?
3. Any points you may feel valid, always grateful for tips and advice.

Basially all im trying to achieve and the TFT to be connected via HDMI etc, and the ariel signal which is connected to the V+ box, then the video, and then splits and goes into the TFT (to allow for historical VCR viewing and analogue signal), and the small TV in another room.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance


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Outputting over HDMI means all other outputs get disabled.

You used to get a composite signal out of the VCR scart socket but an update disabled that.


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Thanks for your swift reply. appreciated

So there is no way of picking it up on another TV then?
Unless he ditches the HDMI cables? and used Scart (comp) and RF for the other TV?


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Correct, picture will suffer a fair bit for it and obviously you can't watch HD content without swapping back and forth.


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thanks muchly :thumbsup:- appreciate the assistance.
do you know what the RF frequency is (if I elect to go this route)?
Also do I need to turn off the HDMI output, or is the ysystem intelligent, and works that out?

Sorry to be Dim, but as stated before its my fathers system, and not mine, so id rather go pre-armed with as much info as I can.

Thanks again.:)


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No idea on the first bit as I've not used it myself.

You have to select the output in the menus.

Can either be done when rebooting the box and scrolling through display types or using the display option in the menus.

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