Virgin retentions, this deal ok?


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Mar 15, 2008
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Due to end contract with VM. Been offered 30MB BB and phone (talk eve/w/e) for £22-04 month. Will pay line rental upfront and will be one off £120 then line rental and BB will be £17 pm. That seem ok?
Was on above but with 60MB BB for £34.50, supposedly with 7 quid month discount!
Certainly a better deal than I have. Although it is hard to compare since I also have TV.
The £120 line rental is the best deal I have seen in a while. £17pm for telephone and BB seems very reasonable.
In fact it makes me wonder if changing to Sky which I was going to do is a wise decision.
Hi, I`m in same boat, Personally wanted to dump tv ... (Now have sly tv C.S.) Had all 3 services for past 5 yrs. Was paying £31.00. Recently I paid £ 120 line up front and got my monthly package down to £15 . BB up to 30 meg, tv is only M which is basically all the freesat channels but phone is 150 minutes to mobiles, unlimited talk. Guy told me removing TiVo would not save me any money. But for £15 quid a month I`m happy. PUSH FOR A NEW 12 CONTRACT and if you can afford it pay the £120 (12 months line rental). Good luck !.
Up to the recent line rental increase I was paying £28.50 for 60Mb BB and basic phone with caller ID (no TV).
I was originally on 10Mb and cheapest phone package, got bumped up to 20Mb recently but then the Feb prices pushed me over £30pm.

Had a nose around on the site and saw new customers were getting 30Mb, a superhub, free months etc for < £30. Called them up, they immediately offered me around £22pm with an increase to 30Mb, but I'd need to pay for the superhub delivery. Called them back next evening, they waived the delivery, can't go wrong really. Had to sign up for another year.
alphaomega16 said:
im on same and paying £35 or £37

Ring up and say you want to cancel due to the current price increase. They will put you through to retention who might offer you a deal. That's what I did, was paying £35 before. :)
I phoned retentions a few months back when my monthly bill crept up over £32. I'm now on 60mb BB (was on 10mb) with free superhub and XL telephone (free calls), I decided to do away with the TV box as I never use it (I have freesat HD & freeview HD). I now pay equivalent of £24/month (actually its £14/month with advance £120 line rental payment).

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