Virgin Modem Connecters


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Does anyone know what size the F connecter is on the Virgin cable modem.
It is obviously bigger than the one fitted to satellite boxes which I believe is
to fit CT100 cable.
My daughter has moved her computer and Virgin want £75 to extend the lead.


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I thought they were all a standard size, the one on my modem is the same as the cable box. I made up new cables myself and all is well with it. Have you checked to see if there a dif size?


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Seven3840. Thanks for your reply. You are obsolutely right. When I looked the other night the connectors appeared to be much larger than normal, but thanks to your prompt I have been and had another look and they are indeed the standard size. I checked by putting the lead into a sky satellite receiver.

After trying to make it hard for myself all I have to do now is extend the cable with an F connecter. Again many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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VM is soo messed up-the white cable when supplied inside my place didnt reach to where it was supposed to i.e going around the skirting to other end of room,(roughly 10 meters) when I questioned the guy fitting the equipment, he said this is the longest we can fit.. BUT my cousin who lives on a top floor flat had the same internet only & it was routed all the way from the outside box up 3 flights of stairs & wasnt charged extra & wasnt told that theres a limit on the length of cable VM can supply. I think these virgin guys just make up crap as they go along & want to charge extra where they can.

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