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Virgin Megastore 'Super Sale' one day only...


Established Member
Hi All,

Was walking past Virgin yesterday in Milton Keynes, they were handing out leaflets about a sale they are having tomorrow (29/09) starting at 8am. :D

I think they are having similiar sales in a few of their other large stores, such as Oxford Street etc etc. I've got the leaflet at home which has a list of them, i'll post later if you like.

Some offers which were on the leaflet were: (apologies this is all from memory)

Godfather Trilogy boxset - £9.99!

Harry Potter 1-3 boxset - £4.99!

Bon Jovi DVD and CD set: £4.99!

And lots more.

It said on the leaflet 'one offer per customer', not sure if that means you can one of each item or just one...?? :confused:

Get there early as early as you can as i guess stock will go fast.

Cheers Rob


Distinguished Member
Godfather trilogy (RRP£44.99)for £9.99
Playstation2 for (RRP£104.99)£49.99
Bon Jovi 100 Million 4cd/1dvd (RRP £59.99) for £9.99
Nirvana - With the lights out 3cd/1dvd (RRP £59.99) £9.99
Bob Dyland Biograph 3cd (RRP£36.99) for £9.99
The Jam -Direction Recation Creation 5dc (RRP£55.99) for £9.99
The west wing Series 5 (RRP£49.99) for £9.99
Harry Potter Trilogy (RRP£49.99) for £4.99
The Norman Wisdon Collection 12dvd (RRP£44.99) for £9.99
Burnout Revenge PS2 (RRP£29.99) for £24.99
Super Monkey Ball PS2 (RRP£29.99) for £14.99
Fightnight round 2 PS2 (RRP£19.99) for £9.99
Bob Dylan Chronicles book (RRP£4.99) for 99p

I think thats the leaflet your talking about Rob

Participating stores are Oxford street, Piccadilly, Bromley, Bristol, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Leeds,Birmingham, Newcastle,Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh

I think im going to nip in before work tomorrow to see what bargins i can pick up :thumbsup:


Prominent Member
any chance anyone could pick me up the bon jovi boxset??
i'll pay for p+p plus a couple of quid for your trouble!!


Distinguished Member
nope thats right- harry potter trilogy for £4.99 - they probably only have a handfull of copies at that price i would have thought.


Standard Member
Your thoughts are correct on that one.

Just got back from the farce sale at Virgin in Liverpool. I arrived there at 4 minutes past 8 only to be told they had sols out of the Godfather Trilogy and Harry Potter box set!!!! :mad: :mad:

I then asked an assistant how many copies of each did they have on display and he told me 15 :thumbsdow
I said to him don't you think that should have been advertised that there was only 15 copies and he told me i should have got there earlier!!!! This coming from a spotty 18 year old....cheeky f***er :mad:
Needless to say i turned around and stormed straight out without looking at anything else in disgust.
My point being they should have stated how many (or how few) they had of the stock before they expect someone to get up mega early and trek halfway accross the city to have a huge disappointment...
ok rant over....back to the tranquilisers!!


Established Member
I went to Virgin store at Oxford street this morning .. arrived around 7.40am, the Q was so long .... im like at least 200++ behind. Got into the store at around 8.15am, was told that PS2 sold out .. same as the promotional stuff (nice 1) with it and there's only 5 PS2 :mad: ... wonder how many dvd's that they put on promotion ... 10-15 for the crowd to fight for :( ???

HMV is much more better and organize ... they giv coupons during Q where u can purchase all the promotional items at the counter ... at least they'r alot for grabs n u know how much left and not simply put into few basket (virgin) ... where u r confuse :confused: with the DVD's whereabout :thumbsdow .


Established Member
Did not get any of the advertised stuff but did pick up an additional speaker for my Pure Evoke DAB for £20....so not a totally wasted trip :)


Distinguished Member
Got to the Milton Keynes store at 08.05 and it was virtually deserted - no queues or anything - of course most of the good deals were already gone - saw a couple of people walking out with a playstation and there were loads of people carrying around the harry potter box sets and west wing sets. There were still loads of the CD sets kicking around though

But i did get Resevoir Dogs 2 disc special eddition for £5.99
The Village for £5.99
& the Princess Bride for £3.99
& The Jam box set for £9.99 (for my brother :) )


Distinguished Member
Just remembered - they also had series 4 of CSI for £19.99 for each half.


Standard Member
Just read the leaflet you posted, absolutely gutted missed it in liverpool - I was working that day in the city centre as well, and saw all the posterd for it. But if I only had a handful of each, chances are I wouldn't have got one, so not too unhappy :D

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