Virgin media VIP collegetion - Skysports/movies?


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Ok so we currently paying £95 ish ( give or take ) per month for virgin XL package , an extra V+HD and a V Box, plus 50mb broadband.

After ringing virgin up yesterday we somehow managed to up our broadband speed by 10mb aswell as saving roughly £20 a month on the package. We asked about the VIP collection package as it states on the site that it included every channel (including Sky sports and Sky movies)...

The guy on the phone said that the price for the VIP was £93 +£13 line rental and this did not include Sky movies or sky sports package? Has anyone had any experience switching from the XL package to VIP with XL as the website tells a different story to virgin customer services so im a bit confused.

Basically I want the cheapest possible way of getting Sky sport/ Movies, aswell as our XL package and 50mb + boradband



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After 5 different prices from visiting store, calling customer services and on line I finally called retentions and got sorted for £101 for full TV with Sky Movies and Sports with HD and espn Phone XL and Broadband upgraded to 100MB. Installed just yesterday afternoon.:)

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