Virgin Media TiVo box in 2nd room - how to change channels etc


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Oct 15, 2010
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Hi All,

I have read an awful lot of threads on this but they all seem to be confusing me! We are getting TiVo tomorrow (replacing Sky + HD) and we would like to be able to view and change the channels upstairs on a 2nd TV, as we do at the moment with a magic eye.
What would we have to buy and how would we install this? I'm guessing a magic eye won't work!
Please explain in lamens terms where possible! Thank you :)
thanks - so as far as I can make out, I need to buy a modulator which connects to the tiVo box by scart lead, and then the upstairs TV by co-ax. I also need to buy a Powermid which again connects to the TiVo box, and the TV upstairs (although I'm not sure how) to transmit the remote signal?

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