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We are having severe problems with getting any more than a very faint WiFi connection with our Virgin Super Hub.Before we switched from Orange broadband we had a reasonably decent WiFi connection. we have spoken to an offshore member of Virgin Media staff who was most unhelpful. We have also tried to get a Virgin engineer to call and see if there is a fault without success.We don't know if our super hub is not working properly and cannot find a way of testing what our Wifi connection strength is currently. Has anyone experienced the same problem or can advise us of an easy answer. We are not very technically adept so it will need to be a simple answer!! Thank you. Perhaps A forum reader can be more helpful than Virgin Media.


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i was experiencing similar issues but then i was advised to change the channel to one that was less common usually its set to auto but in my case i changed mine to channel 7 which then worked better

also changing the Mbps from 300 (fastest) to 145 gives you better signal strength. obviously not the best thing to do as this is obviously an issue with the router / service itself.

another thing ive done in the past is created a "guest" network to run along side my wireless this also solved a similar issue for a customer of mine.

hope this helps.



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Id defo try changing the channel your network runs on. Twice we've had new neighbours move in and twice its caused issues with my wifi network due to interference.

There's loads of apps for android and iphones that show what channel other networks are operating on which can be handy.

Type into the address bar on your browser and input

User : admin
Pass : changeme

Follow the simple instructions from there to change to another channel.

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