Virgin Media Speed Throttling Petition!!!!


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Good luck but I doubt it will do any good. I thought the petition for misleading advertising of "unlimited" had far more merit than this one, yet it was dismissed out of hand, so I can't see this one doing any better.

At the end of the DAY ISPs are commercial enterprises there to make money. Bandwidth is limited and costs money. So there are really only 3 ways to get the ISPs who throttle bandwidth to stop as I see it.

1. Invest more of their own money (not likely!)
2. Charge punters more.
3. Reduce speeds back to the days of 512kbps/1Mb/2Mb.

I don't like the situation any more than the next person but you have to be realistic about this. When the ISPs do this they are usually covered in the terms of the contract that we signed up to. The government can't start dictating a business model for ISPs to follow.

At the end of the day it's a free market. We are free to leave ISPs who throttle for ones that do not (still a few of them left).

Hopefully BT's 21CN will be the catalyst for the end of all the throttling. If 21CN does produce throttle free ISPs then virgin & LLU providers will have to invest to keep up. But they wont unless they have to. Then again maybe by the time 21CN gets here bandwidth demands will have shot up again and we may all end up in exactly the same pickle. Only time will tell I suppose.

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i'm not happy about anymore than anyone else but you have to live with it. If i want a 20meg connection then Virgin are my only choice. I just work with it, i do all my downloading after midnight and before 4pm.

If i'm honest i'm hacked off by the viable connection speeds that i get :mad:

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I too don't like being capped, but I make sure that outside the evening hours I max my connection; easily done with a bit of windows task tinkering and automatic shutdown in my apps.

I then spend my evening running quickpar to repair the files downloaded...a weighty job on 40+gb :D

I'll not let Virgin hold me back

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