Virgin Media Picture disapears on Pana LXD70




just received panasonic LXD70. Connected to Virgin Media Pace V box(SD)

I've go a weird problem that might be due to virgin(but before I spend a fortune on their tech support I thought I'd ask here).

Basically the video disappears when I change channel - though the guide bit in the lower third(saying whats on) displays correctly and sound continues. If I select programme guide(virgin box) the guide appears and the video appears in the little pic in pic bit and when I hit TV again the video is back. But again when I change channels it disappears again. I've tried connecting to AV1-3 with 2 different leads, I've also changed Pace box output from RGB to composite and back again.

Any ideas ?

Picture quality seems pretty good though(when it's there) ! Thanks to the forums here for my choice.


EDIT: After powering everything down,going out for an hour or so and coming back in it seems to work fine now(though I'd tried power down before) So this post can be deleted now. Sorry

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