Virgin Media Hub as modem - is this the same as using a switch?


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I am working in a restaurant and we have a Virgin Media Hub with 4 ethernet ports. We can't plug in all of our cheque printers (for bar and kitchen) so we tried a switch and they didn't work.

SO my question is - if I buy a router that has 8 ethernet ports and use the virgin hub as a modem, will this work? Or is this essentially the same as using a switch?

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Has the Virgin Media Hub been put into modem mode and this be the cause of you being unable to connect them? It certainly sounds that way to me.

Is there a wifi network being broadcast? This should give you a clue if it is in modem mode or not. I know on my Superhub 3 the ethernet ports are disabled except for one when in modem mode so could be the reason devices aren't working.

If you have access to the settings and are comfortable enough to try it (or there is someone who is) you may not need to buy a separate router as you may be able to take the router out of Modem mode (if it is enabled) to enable the ethernet ports, and you should be able to disable the wifi in the settings too if wanted. This all depends on how many connections you require.

Buying a separate router should work, but you will need to make sure it is the only thing connected to the Hub and then everything else is connected through the router instead. A switch likely wouldn't work because you need a device that can carry out all of the handshakes (and magic spells :D) between the devices to allow them to connect to the internet. A router is needed for this.

I can only speak from experience using my domestic Superhub 3 in modem mode to allow me to use my own router in a better location. If you're using the business hub I could be completely wrong, I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if I am.


I'd check with VM first before buying a router/switch for the hub in modem mode. It's certainly easy enough with a domestic account but as you stated this is at work then I assume it's a business account and some restrictions may apply.


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I here what you're saying @Yoinksy, but Virgin Media Business have this information available freely on their website as a help guide so I can't see it being an issue.

Checking with someone with authority over this in the business itself might be a good idea, but given that @alineedstoknow has been tinkering with it already permission may have already been given.

The only business broadband account I have dealt with was with a company called Daisy, their technical help department was wonderful to deal/work with, shame the same can't be said about the rest.


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Rather than spending money and potentially creating a mess I would focus on why your switch doesn't work ?

While it may technically support more, the SH3 and SH4 should support 30 or more devices, especially low usage ones like tills and printers.

Which modem have Virgin supplied ?

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