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Hey Guys,

I have a black Hub3 and I am on 350mbps. I recently joined up to NordVPN as there is an awesome deal and thought it may be a good chance to actually sign up to a VPN with all the online security issues etc..

Unfortunately when I perform a speed test when connected to NordVPN I am getting maximum download speed of 70mbps.. When I disconnect from NordVPN and carry out a normal speed check with virgin alone then I am hitting 356mbps and sometimes more.. so what I am saying is, somehow it seems that my speed is being restricted whilst connected to NordVPN. I can appreciate there will be a speed reduction, however 70mbps is not acceptable for me and it shouldn't be to anyone either..

I have been back and forth with NordVPN and have been trying numerous troubleshooting techniques with no success.. I have read online that virgin hub3 may be the issue and that I may need to invest in a ASUS router? Does anyone know much about these issues and can anyone give me some tips on what to do please?

Do I get a ASUS router and if so which one? What kind of speeds would I except to see once switching the hub 3 to modem mode and using the Asus as a router?

Thanks guys .


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im in the same boat here given how vpn works im not surprised we have to take hit on the speeds but for being protected i can live with it sorry i can't help


I'm afraid you will never get the full line speed on any commercial VPN service using shared servers as you are sharing the VPN server bandwidth with 1000s of other users. Actually I would say 70 Mbps is pretty good for NordVPN as the last time I used them i couldn't get anything above 25 Mbps on my 330 Mbps FTTP line - without VPN i'm hitting 310 Mbps. You have to decide which is more important: using a VPN with reduced speeds or higher speeds without VPN. The only way you will get higher speeds on VPN is by signing up to a VPN service which offers you a private server (ie just for your own use) but that's not going to be cheap...
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I love NordVPN. I tried Private Internet Access before but their online portal is no help when trying to redownload the product. Nord has been super helpful and support has been amazing

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