Virgin - massive variations in DL speed..?


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...went over to Virgin today (from BT)..Virgin engineer (FREE Install) most helpful. Tried all of my PC's (hard wired - not wireless) and was getting just under 10meg on a 10 meg connection..... Wowee -- I thought....

Went out shopping - came back about 8 o'clock tried to view BBC iPlayer - loads of buffering.... would not play smoothly..(even SD)

Did a speedtest - wild variations from 0.5 up to full 10 meg...different each time....

The on screen Speed dial during test was jumping all over the place - not smooth up and down like it should be...

Have done dozens since then - on all 3 computers - all the same ---- absolutely all showing ridiculous variations.....

Do a test 4.5meg - do another 7.4meg - do another 2.1meg ect...
all withing a minute or two....

Nothing's been touched or moved..what the hell is up ????

How do I resolve this with Virgin - will they come out to check installation???
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If you didnt do any downloading etc then no you wont have been traffic managed so could be your connection or high utilisation on the UBR your on. Info on checking your connection stats and what they should be on the Virgin community forum: Broadband - Help & Support Forum

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