Virgin installation question....


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Hi guys,

I have the VM guys booked in to hook me up with tv, phone and BB in a couple of weeks, after 2 years of renovation hell! :thumbsup:

My question is, how do the phone and broadband services come into the house? Are they 2 separate cables - And if so, would they wire them into my own flush fitting faceplates if I have them ready for the installation day?

I'm assuming its a standard phone socket and a network port (Cat5)?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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They are two boxes.

Telephone looks a standard box.

TV & BB are another slightly bigger box. Uses a Coaxial type connection.

I doubt they will let you use your own box(es).


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There will be a single cable entering your house. This is "figure of eight" cable which contains the CO-AX for TV and broadband, and a pair of wires for your phone all in the same cable. This cable terminates in a single box usually on the outside of your house. The TV, broadband and phone is split out from this point and can go in different locations in your house. The rest of the installation is as limblee says.

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