Virgin Hub 3 and a 2nd (none Virgin router) WiFi router issues, is there a clash?


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I have Virgin Media and whilst it generally works well I am trying to run a 2nd WiFi hub and I think by doing this I have caused some sort of clash. I need a 2nd router as I need to have WiFi in my shed.

I have a Virgin Hub 3.0 called “Office WiFi”. Thankfully when we built the house we put cat 5 cable in so my lounge is physically connected via a cable to the office, where the hub is. So where is the issue? Well in the lounge I have now connected a TP-Link Archer MR200 router called “Lounge WiFi” (Original I know!) and that is at the back of the house so I can pick up WiFi in my shed.

Using the Speedtest app on my phone on the Lounge WiFi I am getting around 80mb/s, but Office only gets up to about 8mb/s, if that, even when I am stood next to it an sometimes it is less than 1 mb/s. Must admit I thought the router was at fault and as I have just renewed with Virgin for another 18 months I got them to send me a new router, but alas the problem is still there. As I sit here writing this I tested Office WiFi again and got 4mb/s. I put the phone into flight mode, then back out again and this time on Office Wifi I got 111mb/s almost suggesting that it has forgotten some memory of Lounge Wifi it was connected to 5 mins ago, so runs at a brilliant speed.

Both WiFi can transmit at 2.4GHz or 5GHz and I’m starting to wonder if I am have caused some sort of clash? A while back I read about regularly rebooting your router so the Virgin router reboots every day around 2am. I could also put the TP-Link router on a timer but I’m not convinced this will solve the problem.

All thoughts gratefully received!

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