virgin/bt hub connected to a dm500


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i have tried to connect a dm500 to a virgin internet hub and later a bt hub with an ethernet patch cable,both without any success.however when the same unit is connected to a standard talk talk wireless router ,also with an ethernet patch cable it works perfectly.any ideas why this is so?.are there any specific types of ethernet cables compatible with hubs,or are there any settings on the hubs that can be altered so the dm500 will work through the hub:confused:


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Once the HUBs and the DM500 are set to DHCP both ends the DM500 should pick up a IP address.
Is it that the DM500 is set to a fixed IP address, i.e. DHCP = off.

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yes mate the dhcp is off,should it be on?

if you set it up to connect to your old hub manually then chances are the new hub uses a diffrent gateway. With dhcp off the dmbox cant connect, you can either manually change it to match the new hub or just switch on DHCP and restart the network, it should then configure it self.


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thanks lads,took your advice,tried it and success!!!.if i could buy you a pint i would,uve saved my mental wellbeing.enabled the DHCP and bingo it came on.thanks again

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