Virgin broadband help!!


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Hi all,
We have all our net set up, cable in and all running fine, its just the wireless setting up that we need help with. Blueyonder seems to be a terrible program that doesnt like me, and the wireless modem is the one provided by virgin. I have a macbook, but we have a normal pc in the flat too, is that going to matter?
Basically in all this ramble, the blueyonder keeps telling me I need to get a new wireless card from them, funnily enough, and I dont want to do that. What are my options? Can I set up the wireless without using blueyonder, or do I have to get a new router or is the program telling the truth and I have to get a new card (which I really dont want to do).
All help greatly appreciated!!!


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On setting up the wireless router you should cable it to your PC. Once up and running you can disconnect and it shouldn't matter where you got your wireless card from.


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The above poster is correct, though I would add that if doing it this way, you're pretty much using the windows wireless zero client to control the wireless on the pc. After you complete the cd setup of the router and get to the point of disconnecting the ethernet cable, remember to uninstall the VM wireless manager, as it'll take over the wireless control instead of windows by default and it can cause problems. Otherwise, should be peachy :)

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