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I have Sky HD at the minute. I've been worrying about the change in the new boxes which have no component out (my Sony plasma has no HDMI). Would V+ be a solution when my Sky HD box dies next time ..... does it have component out? Is it as good? It may be my only option as I won't be able to afford a new TV (this one isn't actually very old... I sadly just missed HDMI). Sky may lose quite a few customers over this.

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as far as im aware, component is being dropped purely due to potential copyright issues, ie recording the signal to say somethink other than a sky hard drive. I tend not to use component due to most screens overscan of this signal.


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VM only offer BBCHD and a selection of VOD HD, it simply is not comparable to SKY HD package so for content it's no contest and if you have a problem then make sure SKY replace the box with the same model, there will be thousands in the supply chain with component:)

Doesn't your TV have even DVI?

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Agree with the above post, and also Virgin use a fair bit of HDCP to protect their VOD movies meaning you can only view via HDMI not component.

Probably better off sticking with Sky and trying to dodge the component-less boxes.


Yes, although dodging them may be difficult. They may even withdraw all component boxes so as to enforce their new regime. Oh well... I''ll cross that bridge...

No, I don't have any such connection. I think I was JUST before they came in. It's one of the KE37SX Sonys.... very good TV apart from that.

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