Vinyl Deck repair?


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Hi I have 2 Gemini PT-2000 Vinyl Decks. One one of them pitch seems to change making the playback sound quite wobbly. Has anyone got any advice on how to fix this myself or where to send it to get repaired? I think this is due to being too kind and lending them out and something getting damaged though transportation.
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With any turntable but a direct drive deck this could have a number of causes; but in this case, it seems quite an unlikely problem. Is the pitch change facility "stuck" on by any chance? Again simply moving the thing shouldn't have the adverse effects that would happen to a sub-chassis deck, unless the main bearing got damaged - do you know if this is sealed? The manual I've seen didn't mention lubrication, but posibly that's required.

I'd contact the UK importers (UK • Gemini Sound Products • Unit C4 Hazleton Industrial Estate, Waterlooville, UK P08 9JU, Tel: 087 087 00880) and ask for their advice. Or there's a problem reporting facility on the main website.

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