Vintage Sony Bravia - who knows where?

Lynn Cardwell

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I am a new member of AV forums, and live in Totnes, Devon.

For some time I have been looking for a Sony Bravia that had its sound 'bars' positioned on the front of the set, on either side of the screen.
I don't remember the serial number. Being elderly, the sound was exceptional compared to todays super flat screen TVs.

I think it was a 32", but can't for the life of me, find anything like it again. These new fangled sets are brilliant for clarity, but general consensus is that the sound is pretty grim, and sound bars now clutter the TV space.

The company I rented it from, restocked with super-thin-all singing-all dancing sets when I moved on, and cannot find evidence of it now, 6 years later.

Any ideas as to what the model might be would be most appreciated. I can trawl the internet just in case one has been taken down from the attic and dusted off somewhere. I require only basic TV and Sky, nowt' fancy.


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I totaly disagree. I have bought the latest Sony AG8 over the opposition as the sound is created by vibrating the screen and beats everthing else out there when also considering aesthetics. (The set has two speakers bonded to the oled screen and the sound is produced by vibrating the screen, and backed up by some conventional speakers for the base in the rear.) The AG9 is even better, but too expensive for me. The sound is better than most tvs, as the voices almost seem to come from the actors mouths. There is even an option to attach a subwoofer to the headphone outlet to really make the sound throb, but I have not considered this neccessary, mainly as I live in a semi and the TV is on the party wall!

I had a soundbar and subwoofer with my previous Samsung, and passed these on with the tv to my son for his new house, and have no regrets. Now have a clean tv with screen only and no subwoofer cluttering up the room.

Yes a dedicated sound system or large built in speaker bars may just beat my Sony but they seriously add to the clutter in the room


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I don't think that modern TVs necessarily have poorer speakers than older models with speakers on the side of the sets. Although they had more physical space many manufacturers put in very poor speakers in TVs.

I have a Samsung 32" LCD in the kitchen (32M5520) and the sound on that is pretty good. (I am hard of hearing and have hearing aids in both ears.)

Here is a link to the TV that I have:

It may be hard to get hold of as it was one of Samsungs 2017/2018 model range.
The M series has been replaced by the N series now. Apparently the sound on the newer 32N5000 series is not as good though.

Samsung TVs also wirelessly transmit sound to wireless Samsung speakers if that is of interest to you. You can get such speakers from just £69.

I would make sure that you buy from a retailer that accepts returns if you are not happy with the TV e.g. Amazon, rather than a high street store.

The Sony TVs that the other poster mentioned are great - but those sets only come in 55" upwards and cost around £1,800 (55" AG8) or £2,500 (the newer 55" AG9)

Lynn Cardwell

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Thank you so much for your replies here, I shall keep looking. I am slightly hard of hearing, but am afraid to turn up the volume because I too, like Ken, live with a thin party wall, next to an old lady with hearing of a bat!


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I have invested in a pair of bluetooth headphones as well. I wear hearing aids and struggle with dialogue at times. With these on over my ears (and hearing aids), I can really boost the volume and hear much more clearly.
There is an option in the set to either turn off the sound completely when the bluetooth headphones connect, or leave the sound on. If watching alone, I have the sound off and disturb no-one, or I leave it on so my wife can hear from the TV. Indeed the tv would work with more than one bluetooth headphones connected, so she could have one as well.

It is surprising how much background base is added to the programme when made, and this also comes through the headphones much better than from the set, as I haven't added a room subwoofer.

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