Vintage Pioneer PL-300 Turntable


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I've not played my vinyl for a few years and would like to get them spinning again.
I have a late 70's pioneer PL-300 direct drive turntable. It needs a cartridge.
Is it worth sticking on a Nagaoka MP-110 or an Ortofon Blue or similar?
Or is this Pioneer not worth chucking any money at and instead get a new Rega / Pro-ject deck?
It will be connected to the phono input on my Musical Fidelity A3.2cr preamp / power amp and then on to my PMC GB1's.
I don't mind getting a decent cart for the Pioneer if it's going to be worth it. Is it?

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I think you might be better starting with a VM95e for £40 and if it sounds reasonable you can upgrade just the stylus, the range progresses to a nude elliptical, then a micro line and then Shabata all using the same body. For me the VM95ML is the sweet spot and at £129 is a bit of a bargain (similar stylus and level as the 2M Bronze IMO), I’m on my second. Remember the cartridge is almost always transferable so you can still use it if you get a different turntable.

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