Vintage Movie Bonanza This July on R1


Some absolute gems from Universal and Warner this July

From Warner we have "Freaks and a 2 on 1 of "Village of the Damned" and "Children of the Damned"

5 classic film noirs from Universal, including "Double Indemnity", "This Gun for Hire", "Criss Cross", "Black Angel" and "The Big Clock".

"Double Indemnity" is probably the best known of the bunch and a bona fide classic, but look out for "The Big Clock" and absolute doozy of a film noir, not that well known but a cracker. Haven't seen "Criss Cross", but as the other four are all so good, I'll be giving it a go. DVD Soon have these at rougly £6 a pop.

Also from Warner is a Scorcese box set including "Goodfellas" (2 disc set), "Mean Streets", "After Hours", "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "Who's That Knocking At My Door?" This is being touted at $59.00 (US) - a steal, especially when one considers the prices to buy them individually total $129.00! No prices online yet that I can find.

A film noir box set from Warner "Shadows, Lies, and Private Eyes - The Film Noir Collection, Vol. 1" "The Asphalt Jungle", "Gun Crazy", "Murder My Sweet (aka Farewell My Lovely"), "Out of the Past" and "The Set-Up" gives us yet another clutch of first class film noirs. All we need is that postponed release of "Laura" from Fox to make my year complete! $34.95 (US) from Amazon - not listed on DVD Soon yet.

July is going to be a very expensive month, and a lot of well loved VHS tapes are going free to a good home! :thumbsup:

Iain Shields

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The Scorcese box set is an absolute must IMO... very good price too.



For me they're all a must! Like I say - it's going to be an expensive month. Like watching thse vintage B&Ws late at night - so lots of viewing for those long hot summer nights!

I have so many vintage movies and TV shows now on DVD (all of which are 4:3 ratio), that I am going to install a 4:3 telly and DVD in my other lounge and relocate those discs to there for a sort of "retro" viewing room.

Anyone know if / where I can buy a '50s / 60's retro-styled 4:3 telly, but with contemporary features (colour, SCART, etc.)?
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