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Can anyone enlighten me as to how to insert multi-quotes into my posts here? Can't figure it out at all... (I get as far as a window that lets me reorder them, but can't findc any way to get from there to put them in the post...).

Doomlord: yeah, it seems like the 70s are the way I'm going. Researhc over the past coupled of weeks suggests that it's the best way to find something affordable, high quality, capable of hat I want, and as close to my preferred aesthetic (i.e. something that Buster Crabbe would have been conformtable flying... or, at a push, Bill Shatner....).
It's looking like my main options are gonig to be Pioneer, Sansui, or - if one turned up in the UK at the right price - the Marantz 2270. One thing I'm as yet undecided on is power level. I'm a fan of having as much clean headroom as possible, but bearing in mind that I'm unlikely ever to be able to really let it rip, day to day a lower volume capability is necessary. Is there a sweet spot, in terms of overall wattage rating, which would give me the best balance between a usable range on the dial and the advantage of clean headroom? I've got a very nice Fender Bassman 100 I've got to sell because the damn thing's too loud for my home even on 1...

Cebolla - "With respect the idea that CD player is more modern than the rest of the kit, as a sort of contrast, doesn't really make sense. Even DAB technology is ~20 years old!"

Ha, fair point.... I forget this sometimes... hell, it doesn't seem like more than fie minutes ago that I got my first CD player.... in 1993.... From what I can gather, most folks seem to be able to make it work fine via an Aux or Tape input.

"If you really do want to make that sort of statement then you don't even need another component for 'radio' & 'CD playing', as any half decent modern AVR, that you'll presumably be getting for the proposed home cinema system, streams internet radio and can playback CD file rips. So assuming you have a reasonably modern computer (to rip the CDs) internet and a network, probably the only extra kit you need is somewhere to store your CD rips (eg the same computer, NAS, etc). Being networked, that music file storage device doesn't even need to be in same room, let alone in sight."

That would make sense re the ripped stuff... More I think about it, as long as it can cope with CDs (which are, and are likely to remain, given the way things are, the most common format in my collection). I don't want to drop the CD aspect from my stereo set-up, but yes, if ever I found the need to play mp3 files from disc, I could eventually do that with the AV system. TBH, though, thinking about it, I'd probably get as good sound running the ipod with an FM transmitter to the stereo receiver.... so that obviates the need for that...

UK DAB radio is currently on a downward slope, with many stations broadcasting in mono and even those that aren't do so at very low bit rates, with a sound quality much lower than you'd get from FM. If SQ is important to you, my advice would be to forget about connecting that Roberts DAB radio to the amp and think about a way of getting internet radio connected instead.

That might be a good way to go, given that most of the stations I listen to on DAB are available online, yeah. As I understand it, I could fire up a notebook via a DAC here, yes? I've got a couple of very decent little 7" Asus notebooks sitting around (five years ago, before tablets, they were the new wonder machine. Look really primitive compared to my surface now, but for a basic hooking up to the web and picking up a radio website, ideal...). I suppose that too could come from an AV 5.1 eventually too. (I did actually at one time consider just building one 5.1 system for the lot, but for my stereo music and all my old vinyl it just doesn't appeal.... seemed too much of an audio compromise, the more I read about it.).

So is the word still that DAB is dying off then? I know lots of folks have hated it for years, though I've always found the signal better where I am (I'll compromise a little on the quality of the singal in favour of it being constant and static free...). I have noted they've made no noise about killing off the FM band for a long time, unlike switching off analogue tv.


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Well, there we are... I'm now the proud owner of a Pioneer SX890. Completely serviced, LED conversion, et al. Maybe one day I'll end up with a high-end Sansui or a 2270 if I chance across a great deal, but for now I think this will fit my needs very nicely. I also picked up a Sony PS-X4 turntable. Not perfect cosmetically, but also serviced and will do my job very nicely until I have everything else in place and maybe find a good deal on something else. Managed to pick it up at a price that I shouldn't lose money when it comes time to pass it on. Now I just have to get the redecoration of the room finished so I can get properly set up...

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