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Sorry, I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, mods feel free to move if you think it belongs elsewhere.

I'm on the committee that runs our village hall, a charitable endeavour. It's a small village in Derbyshire and we've always been short of funds, living out of a run-down ex military WW1 wooden hut that isn't that attractive to users. However, we're in the really great position of having a new hall built for us by a local developer who is using the profit from building a few smaller houses to fund to cost of this new hall build.

His pockets aren't bottomless though and the new hall he is delivering will have all the basics (heating, lighting, walls, toilets, kitchen) but nothing much more than that.

As a management committee we'd really like to add a few bells to make it as useful and attractive to locals to use. So one of the things we are looking at is an AV system for the hall.

As we're not experts in this area we'd really like some help in specifying what would be needed.

Uses we envisage:
Film Club
School play
Bingo 😀

So, the sort of equipment we think we'll need (but please speak up if you think I've missed anything):
Media player, streaming and/or DVD/Blu-ray player
Computer connection for presentations

Trouble is we have no idea what kind of spec for those items is necessary. The main hall is roughly 12m x 14m and comes in at 174sqm. It is 2.7m high at the eaves and the ceiling is probably going to slope at 10degrees upwards to a height of 3.8m across the middle.

Will domestic equipment be suitable for us or are we going to have to look at more expensive, more powerful commercial amplification? Who does that, where do you get it? And if so does that mean a different level of speakers? It would be nice to have some sort of surround output for the film club usage so long as it can be used generally too. What size screen would be recommended for that size room?

Any help identifying what we're likely to need would be much appreciated and if there's any altruistic folk out there who think they could help supply some of this that would be even better 😁 We're not well off and will have to look for grant aid/donations to fund this but putting it in at the build stage would be far better than running wires around the place after completion.

One final question, as I'm working on internal layout, what would be the best height for the screen? It'll be on the 12m wide gable end wall but I need to work out doorway positioning on that wall.

Joe Fernand

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Happy to help out - I am one of a team of volunteers who run a multi purpose Community Centre and I’ve just finished a spec for a local Community Hall looking to make some upgrades.

Drop me an email - [email protected]


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