Vikings Season 2 (Spoiler)

So, having seen season two up until 6 I think? I saw that not only did Ragnar brutally torture Jarl Borg. I understand he took over his land. But after the king trying to help him at first by talking to Ragnar, saying he'd forgive Jarl Borg.
Ragnar somehow changing his mind later, then again just before Borg's death.
Ragnar keeps disapointing the viewer. By him being more of a ruthless savage than what they call him to be a guy who discovered or sailed west.

Ragnar overthrew his lords, yet he has become such a bad character and wish/hope that he'd die soon.
Altough unfortunatly, seeing as he has been shown on later dvd tv shows. They have not learnt to kill off this bad protaganist.

So, as I am writing this, I decided to stop watching. Cuase this show has quickly turned bad. Much like Dexter's ending. But I won't spoilt that.

Oh yh, thanks for reading
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