ViewSonic XG2703-GS Gaming Monitor Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review. It seems that any monitor with GSync is immediately a rip-off. I have an Nvidia card but really don’t want to pay extortionate amounts for a monitor.

I’m after a 27” monitor that will do 144hz (I think that’s what my current 24” one does) but they’re mostly Freesync monitors as far as I can tell. With Freesync monitors can you turn that off and still use them at 144hz with an Nvidia card? Or is G-Sync worth the extra?


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Yeah, it surprises me people are still recommending Nvidia cards outside of the high end.

You can use a fixed refresh rate on variable refresh rate monitor, you don't need an input device that supports variable refresh rates.

Although it's a bit of a moot discussion on a 144hz monitor. For motion quality improvements you have a choice between BFI/Backlight Strobing and variable refresh rates as the two can't be used together. And at high frame rates the former is generally reckoned to be better.

Of course Nvidia, surprise surprise, also have their owned locked down version of that too called ULMB. Fortunately it doesn't have to be dependant on graphics card support, so implementations not using the G-sync module, like the on the XL2735, support all sources equally.

What resolution are you after? Are you upgrading to get more screen space (a higher resolution) or more desk space (the same resolution on a larger screen further back)?


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I’m undecided if I want to stick with 1080 or move to 1440 at the moment to be honest.

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