ViewSonic X100-4K Colour Issue


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Hoping someone could help.

I have a ViewSonic x100-4k, every time I first get a picture or play media either through a PC, PS4 pro or the built in media player the colour looks washed out and lighter, I reset the colour settings in the ViewSonic menu and the colour comes back into the picture. If I stop and start the file, choose another file or change the HDMI source, the picture is washed-out and lighter again, I then have to reset the colour settings again and the colour comes back in the picture. I was wondering if anyone with better knowledge than me could help identify what this is.

I have tried using 2 different video files on a USB drive plugged straight into the projector to isolate it being anything with my setup or cables.
I have tested the same USB drive with the same two files on a x10-4k and the videos work fine so its not the two video files.
I have also linked my pc to the projector and without anything playing and when I first get a picture it does the same thing.

I've tried to attach a video to show what I mean, I've used an animated film as it is hard to capture but you can see the colour change every time I reset the colour settings.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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