Viewsonic PX 747-4K almost got electrocuted by melting power socket


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Purchased a Viewsonic
PX747-4K 4K Ultra HD Home Projector in May 2018. Dec 2019 the built in speaker went dead, so decided to unplug the projector, lo and behold the power cable came out all burnt, I almost touch the metal bits that were exposed.

out of warranty sent it to Viewsonic repairs-centr.

they said it is not covered under the manufacture warranty. The reason too much fluff build up. I did not clean the filters. ( didn’t see any removal filters).

what I don’t understand is I have had pc power supply’s and TVs have fluff dust built over years, never had a melt down.

the view sonic projector appeared to have been over heating the power socket for long while, it did not just happen suddenly.

im just totally disappointed that they are not taking responsibility for such a dangerous situation caused by their projector.

what can I do about this?

I enclose photos sent by their engineer report.

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The correct procedure for disconnecting any mains driven equipment is to switch off further back at the wall socket and then remove the plug at that end.

Pulling out a live connection into the equipment is asking for trouble!

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