Viewsonic Projector changing image size after displaying grid


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I have an Nvidia card with 4 outputs and I wish to set up two projectors that will show images from a PowerPoint presentation for an art project. I am attempting to use Nvidia's Mosaic utility to facilitate this. The utility should permit me to essentially treat the two projectors as a single display, and blend the edges.

However, i am having problems with the projectors. On the projector I choose the display of a grid, from the projector's menu system, and then align the images. But, when I change the display to show what the computer is showing, the image suddenly gets about 10% smaller. The computer has each display set to the native resolution of the projector. I can't figure out why it is doing this, or how to make it stop.

The projectors are a Viewsonic PJD6552LWS.



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Sounds like you have some scaling going on in the video card.

Check you don't have under scan or something similar switched on in the video card.


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Thank you for the reply. I should have also mentioned that I am using both an adapter a extender. I.e. a device that converts DisplayPort to VGA and another that converts the VGA to an ethernet cable 100ft long.

So I suspect the video card can't talk to the projector, to ask what resolution it is.

Also, sometimes the display does NOT do the shrink thing. But only when the display is showing the desktop wallpaper. I will do more testing

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