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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by spl23, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Just in case anyone else is in the same position I was...

    I bought a ViewSonic N3000W from Evesham last week - they price-matched Dabs, so I paid £1160 delivered. Spent the weekend fiddling with the setup - I've got it hooked into a Denon 3910 via DVI and a Humax PVR8000T via RGB SCART.

    The verdict - very impressed. The only thing I can fault the picture on is a slight lack of contrast in dark areas. Other than that, the geometry is perfect, the picture is rock-solid over both DVI and RGB and the display is utterly silent - no hiss, hum or whine. No dead pixels, either. Plus the amount of floor space I now have after losing the CRT is very welcome - and the fact that I can move this display around on my own is a useful plus too.

    The only niggles I've noticed are that it won't do 576p over DVI (but will do 480p, 720p and 1080i) and it doesn't auto-switch to active SCARTs (or do auto-aspect switching on SCART signals). Neither of these is a problem.

    I've also noticed that a couple of DVDs cause the DVI input to lose sync slightly - you end up with a horizontal line on fast-moving areas where it looks as if you're getting the top half of one frame and the bottom half of the next frame. Switching to another input and then back to DVI fixes it, and it doesn't then reappear while the disc is playing. I've only noticed it on the DVDs of "Spaced" S1 and S2 so far - some odd effect in the menus or something?

    Anyway, if you are pondering an LCD, this one seems pretty good. I'm very impressed for the money, and don't think I'll be buying a CRT again!

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