Viewsonic N3000W 30" LCD (newbie)


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Hello all.

My first post regards my first LCD TV that I've just had delivered.

I'm so disappointed in it - so disappointed I'm trying to return it.

I'd read as many reviews as I could find fom different sources and all said how wonderful the picture quality was - even the standard TV tuners were ok.

But I find 'pixelation' (not sure if thats a word!) everywhere and trying to watch football last night was impossible. Humax 8000T Freeview to watch ITV4 was rubbish! I had to turn it off in the end.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need better scart leads? one is a gold connector, the other a bog standard cable - I'm not sure where they came from.

Even the DVD player (scart) was only 'ok' in quality.

Sadly disappointed in LCD with this set and intend to go back to CRT.

Can anybody offer any tips to try make me want LCD again?
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