Views on NEC 42XM2

According to some sources i've read in USA it's the best plasma in that size you can buy right now, outperforms both the Panny 6-series and Pioneer models.

It's much lower price also....

Can it get better?
AV-Sales have got it listed. Liam what's the ETA?

Great spec. Comprehensive inputs. More flexible DVI resolutions. R, G & B settings can be adjusted individually. Point to note, the commercial Grey model does not have HDCP-DVI, only standard DVI (assuming european models are the same). Silver model does.

But contrast ratio? brightness?

Very promising though. Owner on the AVS Forums over the moon with his.

This NEC Plasma has now caught my eye. I had my heart set on the Pioneer 433 (which can be had for £2999inc now), but now I've seen this, its thrown a spanner in the works! Will the NEC be better in general then Pionner? I really need a plasma that is fully HDTV compatible....
Just spoke to Liam at av-sales. First time I've called them - he seemed really helpful. Stock levels seem good direct from NEC, except for the silver stand. Although Liam did say he could get them quite quickly.

ALL I need to do now is convince the wife.....

Just had it confirmed from NEC that the 42XM2 is 12-bit colour sampling, not 8 (or 10) as their UK specs suggest. I think I might have to go for one of these in the near future!

Do you need a scaler for this plasma to achieve the best possible picture quality?
keep us posted sounds good seems someones post dissappeared that was posted yesterday?

Anyway, can someone post some pictures of their XM2's?

Would be nice to see some close pictures of it:)
That'll be mine. I've decided to go with my original plan and buy a 42HD Panny, which until last week had always been my intention. Why? well the specs on the NEC are certainly impressive but there are too many concerns for me that won't be answered by the end of this month (purchase time). Black level performance (in a dark room) big concern, contrast ratio not published, brightness level not published etc. I not happy to buy relying solely on comments on the AVS Forum (although a very helpful thread), with no other UK feedback at this stage. Also I'm not encouraged by a UK review of the 42VP4G (grey pixel noise etc).

The NEC may turn out to be superb. Other people, looking to buy further down the road perhaps, should obviously keep their eye on this panel. The NEC is just not the one for me.


I see What HiFi did a review of the 42XM2 in Jan 2004, but I don't have that issue. They called it "Very impressive and thoroughly competent" and gave it four stars.

Anyone know why they docked it a star? The Panasonic 42" SD and Pioneer 43" HDE got 5 stars; looks like it was a group test.

Anyone got any more info on this screen?
Contrast & brightness figures?

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