views on mf 3.2 integrated with dynaudio 62 smooth sound wanted??


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hi all have dynaudio 62 floorstanders arcam 73t cd player currently using with denon 3802 av amp. i did have a dem somtime back with mf 3.2 integrated but used only tubular bells cd , in general i would like a (smooth sounding amp )

most of my cds are old circa 82-92 not too sure if the likes of mf would be a bit ruthless with not so good recordings , the fact is i would like a half desent phono stage inbuilt.

any views from mf owners would be helpfull , i do not play classical /jazz etc which from reviews the mf seems to be adept at playing ???? thank you


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The older Parasound amps are smooth, you might also want to have a look at Primare.


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You'd probably be better of going to listen to the usual suspects in the price range your willing to pay.
I had a cd72t and the denon Avr3802 and added Arcams A75+ integrated for improved stereo. It has the av in mode wich allows the av amp to control the gain when watching movies which is a BIG plus imo. It's very smooth and drived my 4 Ohm Ninkas effortlessly when I bi-wired them. You can get even more power with the addition of a P80 which I have just purchased to bi-amp the Ninka's.
I'm sure a local dealer will have your cdp and speakers you'll just have to find the best integrated that suits your ear.
The usual suspects being MF, Arcam, Rotel, Cyrus, Naim to name a few.

Happy Hunting:devil:

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