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Views on Curved Screens? 3D? 4K?


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Hi guys,

Like many here I am in the market for a new screen and, like many, its been a few years since I brought my last one and haven't kept up with developments. Last time I brought one Panasonic plasmas were top of the tree but that all seems to have gone now o_O


Curved Screens. Many of the latest models seem to have this and I admit it looks good instore. But what do users think? Does it add anything to movies? Does it detract anything from older content (i.e. old TV series in 4:3)? Is it a waste of money?

3D. Worth it? I have a few 3D movies on Blu-ray now and I do find the idea appealing. But is it really worth it?

4K. Again is it worth it? I see a new 4K Blu-ray range is on the way - with the range of initial launch titles looking pretty lacklustre - but I assume this will grow.

Having had Panasonic models for the last few years I was thinking of something like the PANASONIC
VIERA TX55CR430B (or what I assume is its replacement the PANASONIC VIERA TX55CR852B). A good choice or would someone have other recommendations? Budget isn't too much of an issue but its only for a small flat (I have finally bitten the bullet and moved into central town rather than commute from the suburbs each day).

Thanks in advance for any comments/views. :thumbsup:


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So I have a curved UHD 48" Samsung and also a 3D Panny plasma.

UHD: Good, improves HD viewing, as well IMHO.
Curved: Not sure I would buy one again, although it does add a degree of depth and immersion to the picture if you sit quite close - 5' or so, or have a massive screen!
3D: Can't really be bothered with it. To me it all looks like layered cutouts - or just quite false.

Poor SD broadcasts can look hideous on large screens, so we went for 48" in a 25'x18' lounge, with the 42" Panny in the music room, which is 15' x 9'. If all your viewing will be HD and beyond, go larger, but for our family viewing, these sizes work for us.

The Samsung we have - 6 series, suffers badly from light bleed from the edge lit panel. In hindsight, I would have gone for flat and back lit - or even OLED / SUHD, as the black levels in particular are so much better and more even with both these technologies. I also doubt our TV will ever be able to deliver HDR either, as it's an 8 bit panel with limited brightness available.


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Cheers noiseboy - really helpful :smashin:

I will be sitting quite close to the screen so, based on the above, I think I will give curved a go.

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