Viewpia LC-32IE21 no start-up. LED orange. Help!



(Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I need help fast.. I hope it's okay.)


My Viewpia LC-32IE21 has got some problems. It won't start up. More correctly, it won't get into stand-by mode. It's been like this for some time, but switching the power on and off usually fixes it. But now it just won't start up. The LED is orange, instead of being red (as it is in stand-by mode).

Now, this is known as "the orange LED syndrome". I've only found it mentioned on a pay-for-answer site. They let you know what problem it is, but they charge you for the knowledge of how to fix it... I don't have money for that.

So, before I contact the service center and get it fixed, I would like to know if any of you know anything about this problem.. I miss my TV...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any response :smashin:


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Just thought I pass on some info about repairing Viewpia LCD tv's..
fault...When powered on the tv has blinking orange led & fails to power up,..first signs of this fault begin with the tv taking longer to power on each day until finally it remains in the blinking orange led state.
The repair is easy,..
1..Remove the stand & then the back from the tv to view the psu.
2..disconnect all cables from the psu & unscrew from tv.
3..two capacitors need to be replaced on the psu C905 & C908.
4..on the 32" model LC-32IEB2 the values are C905 330uf 10v & C908 470uf 10v
5..on the 37" model LC-37IE1 both caps are 1000uf 10v,...I had a few 1000uf 16v about the house & used them

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