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At the moment I have Sky+ connected to EXT1 on my TV, and my HTPC connected to EXT2 on my TV. I also have an 5.1 amplifier which has an optical input. Currently if I want to watch Sky+ I have to set my TV to EXT1 and manually connect the Sky+ box to my amplifier with an optical audio cable. When I want to use my HTPC I have to switch my TV to EXT2 and manually disconnect the optical audio cable from my Sky+ box and connect it to the optical audio output on my HTPC.... As you can imagine this is a real pain.

I'm considering upgrading to Sky HD. I would like to know if it would be possible to somehow connect the Sky HD box using HDMI to my HTPC and be able to view this as a single TV channel from within Vista media center? I assume that I'd need some type of video capture card with a HDMI input, do these exist?

This would make my life much easier as it would only require a single DVI(HTPC)->HDMI(TV) and OPTICAL(HTPC)->OPTICAL(AMP) setup.

I do realise that I could connect my existing Sky+ into my HTPC using SVideo and StereoLR cables but I'd expect the video quality to be poor and obviously I'd lose 5.1 sound, this would be bad.

Many thanks, Paul


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We've had threads on this many times before, and Sky HD into Media Center is currently impossible AFAIK.

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