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Viewing output from HD recorder in another room


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I have been going round in circles trying to find a workable and economic solution to this problem:
Current set up - Virgin V+ box connected via HDMI cable to TV in living room. Scart output from V+ sent upsatirs to bedroom TV, via Scart to RF converter.
Intended change - I want to get rid of the Virgin box, as the monthly sub does not justify itself. To replace the recording capacity of the V+ box, I am considering getting a Panasonic HD recorder. The problem with that is that it only has one HDMI output, no Scart output. So, how do I send the signal from it upstairs?
Solution - I could get an HDMI to RF modulator, but there appear to be two drawbacks - one is that the modulator will actually cost more than the Panasonic HD recorder, and the other being that it would use the sole HDMI output so I would lose the HD output to the downstairs TV. Is there any other way round this?
Alternative solution - I buy a presumably slightly older HD recorder (I found a Humax for example) that as well as an HDMI output also has a Scart output, then I could use my existing set up with no problems?

It seems strange that all up to date HD recoders I have looked at do not seem to have a Scart output and only one HDMI output. This must be one of those "advances" in technology we keep hearing about!

Apologies if I have answered my own question above, any helpful suggestions appreciated!
The main reason that more and more devices dont have Scart is that scart doesnt generally support HD.
If you need 2 x HDMI outputs then you just need a HDMI splitter then the modulator.

So if you are happy with SD upstairs just get an older model with SCART, if you want HD upstairs then you will need a HDMi splitter and a HD modulator (however do check that your TV upstairs supports Freeview HD ie has a freeview HD tuner or the modulator wont help you)


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Thanks. Your post confirms what I thought. Only problem is a modulator would cost more than the HD recorder. As I'm quite happy with Scart upstairs I'll get the older model of HD recorder with the Scart option. Thanks for your help.

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