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Dec 29, 2002
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I am looking to convert the dining room into a small home cinema room, however as it measures 3m by 2.7m, I am not sure that it will be of sufficient size to accommodate a projector.

Does anyone know of a good short throw projector, or am I heading down a blind alley?
A room that size does not command a big screen.
Something like a Sanyo PLV-Z1 should fit the bill.
Both the Panasonic AE500 and Sanyo Z2 have very short throws. The Z2 in particular can be mounted near a rear wall, since the exhaust is in the side. You'll be able to get about a 1.9m wide image with around 2.7m from lens to screen.
Originally posted by jimbobaggins
it measures 3m by I heading down a blind alley?

Personally I wouldn't recommend a projector for such a small room. I know plasmas are (relatively) far more expensive but would be more suitable IMO.

Assuming you can sit with your head practically touching one wall with the screen flush against the opposite, your max. recommended screen size would be approx. 5' wide.

You also need to consider the noise issue, heat output etc. given the room dimensions.

*looks around his study, realises it's about the same size*

Yeah, point taken - that's pretty tight.
Ok I agree that the room is a bit small.

The reason I considered it is because my wife wants to convert it to a playroom for the kids and I figured that a ceiling mounted projector and electric screen would not get interfered with by the kids.

Also we were thinking of putting a sofa in there anyway, so seating would be taken care of.

If anyone has successfully done a room that small, give me a shout and tell me how you got on.
you would have more issue with the kids and speakers i would say. If you had no other option but hadnt mentioned the kids, ids say it was very doable..... my Z2 is barely 9.5 feet from the screen which can be more than 6 feet wide. Admitedly it isnt as narrow, im just showing it can be done

Originally posted by jimbobaggins

If anyone has successfully done a room that small, give me a shout and tell me how you got on.

Jimbo just about to do it, diningroom same size as yours (not a Miller Home is it?)

Ordered AE300, DVD player and surround sound system, should all be here by the weekend.

Checked the throw on the AE300 and can get away with a screen width of 69" at 8 foot (using the max 1.2x zoom) (this will leave enough space at the back to vent the heat).

I'll let you know how it goes.
By the way, I'm about to order a Z2, so I'm not an expert by any means, just someone who's read around a lot now. We're going for a 92" or 96" diagonal screen at a distance of 3.1m, but the room itself is 5x3.3m. We're actually going to order the Z2 first, then decide what exact image size and position we like before committing another 600 quid.

The things I *can* comment on are PJ heat, and your speaker options.

We use a projector at work in our conference room, and the effect really is like a fan heater - far worse than a PC exhaust.

(incidentally, even though it has a lousy 300:1 contrast, movies look pretty cool on it at lunchtimes :smashin: )

As I mentioned earlier, my study is only a little bit smaller than your room. I've got one of those fancy new creative 7700 7.1 speaker sets (only £80) attached to the PC, and the results are pretty jaw-dropping in this size of room. I love our big Mission 77s down in the lounge, but they'd be a audio insanity up here!

If you're planning a playroom, I'd not be afraid recommend some small satellites that you can mount up out of harms way.

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