Viewing & Comparing a Panny verses Pioneer


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Good morning all.

I am getting closer to buying a Plasma.

But I still cannot decide whether to buy a Pioneer ao a panasonic variety.

Does any one know of a dealership in the London/ North London area (except Hispek) that may them side by side?

I am still unsure whether to go for the 4 series or the 5 series if I go for a panny?



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John Lewis in Brent Cross has them facing each other. Both are pretty good screens, although I think the Pioneer might be a little bit sharper than the panny, but you'll pay a premuim for it!


Both are fantastic panels
I have a Panny as you know Adrian, but the Pioneer is just as good in my opinion

I have seen both models many times and you would be hard pushed to tell the difference by Picture quality


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Hi folks,

My Partner and I have just popped down to a Department store that is “Never Knowingly Undersold” close to the North circular, where it meets both the A41, A5 and the start of the M1.

Firstly, the sales assistant was very helpful. However what surprised us was how badly the TV’s are set up, not just the cheaper range of CRT’s, but the LCD’s and Plasma Displays as well. The quality of picture was in cases very poor, NO WAY would I want to part with ~£2000 or more when the picture on the unit was awful, too much colour, too bright, or too dark etc.

This is a criticism I can make of many outlets, including the more obvious chains such as Curry’s or Dixon’s, for example.

Anyway we went to see if we could compare the 43 Inch Pioneer against the 42-inch Panasonic. They had a large collection of plasma screens on display, about 4 or 5 in the main show room, together with another 4 (plus one LCD unit) in a ‘closed room! Inside the room, we looked at a 42-inch Panasonic, and the 50-inch Pioneer, however we could not make a direct comparison since the Panny was not working with the DVD player! (and TV signal was varied). We did discover that there was a 43 inch Pioneer outside in the showroom, whilst the assistant knew that we are looking at the ~42 inch units, he did not mention this to us, esp. when they had the difficulties with the 50 inch.

Well we first watched the screens with a rather dubious, unstable TV pictures. I guess it was due to either the poor setting up, or difference in the preset set up, but the Panny had much darker blacks, and brighter colours.

However, we then viewed a scene from a Jurassic Park movie. The scene had plenty of outdoor shots, with lush green vegetation, or darker scenes from either the depths of a wood, or in dimly lit buildings. The picture seemed rather good. Greens were vibrant, and the dark scenes seemed to have plenty of contrast, both greys and dark blacks were present giving you the impression of varying light.

Watching the same scene on the 43-inch Pioneer out side in the main store (we were closer to the screen, and it was much brighter), the colours seemed even brighter. Not only were they brighter, they seem to have more contrast, more depth of colour. Additionally, the dark scenes seemed to be dark, blacks came across as blacks, as did dark greys. However, they might not have been as dark as the Panasonic, but this is subjective, esp. taking the lighting conditions into account.

It would have been interesting to have re-watched the scene on the Panasonic again to compare further. I was intending also to take a Pixar/Disney DVD as well to compare, alas I forgot!

However, as a result of this demo, we are now leaning towards the Pioneer, but we are still undecided.

One of the reasons is that we both like, for soem strange reason the underneath speaker option, should we ever decide to go this route. It might be useful to be able to do this for watching 'normal TV' such as the news before goint to work, etc.

How would we connect the digibox sound to do this? I think we can do it using one of the JS little 'black boxes' but I shall have to check.


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Originally posted by sapper

How would we connect the digibox sound to do this? I think we can do it using one of the JS little 'black boxes' but I shall have to check.

There's two phono connectors on the boxes for audio, but most digiboxes also have audio out on the back. Just connect from either point to your amplifier.

Many places won't be displaying their products to best of their abilities. Currys and Dixons especially - sorry but this is very very much the case with the box shifting high street stores. When you are making comparisons, please try to ensure you're comparing the screens and not how their connected. Even adjust the picture in the shop to see which gives you the best picture colours etc.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


ASK in Tottenham Court Road have them side by side upstairs. Looked at them on Saturday.

IMO the Pioneer came out on top. It looks a lot bigger than the Panny as well.

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