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I have a Kguard cctv system, which I have had for a few years.
The box is a Kguard SHA V2 - 108
While I had Windows 7, I never had any problems.
I have now upgraded to Windows 8, and am now unable to access the DVR.
Normally, I enter into my browser and get the ability to access my DVR.
With Windows 8...
I can't even access the page - IE just keeps saying IE has experienced a problem and will close.
Chrome won't do any better.
I have a virtual Machine, running XP, and this does nothing either.
It used to come up with a request for ActiveX, but now it won't even do that.
I have the Kview Centre app, but this doesn't work either.
On my iPhone, I have an app that allows me to View the cctv live, (but not record, or see recorded clips)


Is there an app for my PC that will allow me to view my CCTV clips, view cctv live etc?

How can I reset IE to allow me to access


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