Vietcong........ any good?

Iain Shields

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Hi folks,

Due to limited graphic's ability (Nforce2 onboard) and my wanting to wait untill the next gen of graphics cards appear I'm looking to pick up one or two slightly older games to play on my recently built first pc (Nforce2 mobo, AMD 2500+ barton, 1gig memory)

As this is more or less my first foray into pc gaming I could do with some advice from anyone willing to give it :D

Which brings me to the origional subject, while looking through Play's easter deals I came across Vietcong at £9.99 which seems to be the sort of thing I'm after (FPS). I did a search on here but didn't get much, could anyone possibly give me their impressions of the game?

Also, any reccomendations on other games in the FPS genre I should be looking at are more than welcome, just remember my pc's specs :)

Thanks in advance folks :smashin:



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Hi Iain,

Personally, I liked the game quite a lot.

Pretty immersive graphics (and should run really sweetly with your set-up), average AI, tough level of difficulty etc etc.

Not one of those games where you can charge into a situation 'willy nilly' with guns blazing, the levels iirrc require a little more stealth and awareness.

Occasionally I found my team members to get in the way, but then you can always choose to leave them behind and go it alone...

From what I remember, I'd give it 8.9/10, so for £9.99 I'd definitely give it a bash.


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yeah go for it,i loved it and there is an expansion pack out now for it too.

Iain Shields

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Thanks for the positive replies guys, for £9.99 it looks like a bargain :smashin:

Anybody have any reccomendations for some other slightly older FPS?



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Deus Ex
Theif I&II
System Shock 2
Medal of Honnour Allied Assault
Call Of Duty
No One Lives For Ever 1&2
Black Hawk Down
Rainbow Six Ravensheild
Swat 3
Hidden & Dangerous 2
Star Trek Elite force 1&2

that should keep you occupied for a while lol:)

Iain Shields

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Haha... Cheers mate, I think that should do me!!!

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