Viera - XboX "no color" problem



Hey everyone!

Well, i just received a gift from my best friend, it being a panasonic Viera 42".
Very nice :thumbsup:

THOUGH, as i was trying to do a very very simple task, connecting my xbox, not xbox 360, but normal, first edition good old black xbox. The red wire into the red socket, white into white. Sound works perfectly, but the yellow wire??
i tried all "video in's," and it did work, though no colour seems to come as i press TV/AV. i press TV/AV, go to component, which is the only place where my xbox menu pops up, but no colour??

whats the problem, wrong sockets? i dnt get it??:lease:

i rele want to watch a good movie tonight, and on this TV :D

please, anyone??


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Get a component cable. That composite one in the box is shocking quality and would look dreadful on a 42" screen (or any screen for that matter ;) )

To get it working short term in blur-o-vision, you need the composite->SCART adapter that should have come with the xbox iirc. The composite (yellow phono) video input on your screen ought to work though, not sure why it's not.


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Sorry, which Panasonic Plasma model are we talking about?
PV60/70/71, PX60/70?
You could buy an Xbox SCART cable, which being RGB, would provide a much better image than the Composite AV would.


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choddo, moscowfreak said he/she had an ORGINAL xbox therefore no component
so best you can do is RGB scart and there is noticeable difference of composite, I can vouch for that one

anyway I still have an old panny 28" CRT...some of the inputs double up accepting S-Video....its easy to switch to S-Video by accident and then everything goes black and white from my xbox (both original and 360).

....maybe its a similar prob with your set?

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