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Viera TH42PE30



Hi folks, another newcomer here, love the site.
I stumbled upon it in my quest for plasma education and I think that most questions have been answered.
I about to take the plunge and purchase a Viera TH42PE30 for wall mounting - the costs seem to be around £2200-2300 and I'm going to add the panny DMR-E85H HDD/DVD recorder. Reason I'm going for this model of TV rather than a cheaper PW6/PW7 is the integrated speakers. I'm not a sounds purist so the output from the integrated speakers will keep me happy for now. Also (and probably more importantly) wife doesn't want separate wall mounted or standing speakers cluttering up the room.
I'll be connecting to digital NTL and I want to make sure I've got all the leads right:
1. Output from NTL box to DVD recorder is scart, right?
2. DVD recorder to Viera will be component? That's the picture taken care of so the sound requires an additional twin connection cable, right?
3. Now the Viera has freeview - what happens if I want to record from it - do I need an output from the Viera to the Dvd recorder?
Finally does anyone know if the recorder and TV will communicate with each other when recording programmes, ie, labelling recordings with the title of the programme?
Very finally, can one remote be used for both TV and recorder.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated :rolleyes:


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ntl>(RGB scart)DVDR>(component and scart)PE30 the reason for component and scart is too allow best pic for DVD (component) and scart wil carry sound to screen and allow you to record from FV tuner in veira to E85. also suggest you use VCR scart from ntl to AV1 on plasma so you can record FV to E85 HDD and analogue to DVDR and watch ntl........


Many thanks HD. Any suggestions on where to source these leads? Each will need to be about 5m in length as I keep these units on a bookshelf in the corner and bring the leads under the floor and up behind the wall to the TV.

Ekko Star

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Make sure the scart from E85 to Viera is fully wired and screened. TVCables is tops. You can select AV4 out as DVB and the two will talk across the Scarts. If you hook up via YUV then you have to use AV4 Scart for sound anyway since they share the same point.

Actually the two bits of equipment and Panny's brilliant QLink will make it work as a truly converged package. The scart will carry RF back to the E85 as well. As with all the best things it's made to work and look so simple :thumbsup:

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