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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by iangilroy, Nov 1, 2004.

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    Deciding which plasma to go for has been a lot trickier than I expected. After going backwards and forwards between a PW7 and a Viera I think I'm leaning back towards a Viera. I'd be grateful if anyone can tell me:

    1. I read a post last week that - IIRC - said that the 'Just' aspect ration mode doesn't work on the RGB SCART AV inputs. I currently use the stretch mode on my current Tosh CRT for non-anamorphic stuff on Sky so I really hope this isn't true. Can anyone confirm/deny?

    2. Does the analogue teletext have page memory? I use analogue teletext every day and page memory makes it a lot nicer to use.

    3. If I did yet another about-turn and went for a PW7, do any of the ProV+-stye tuner/teletext boxes out there have teletext page memory? It probably seems daft that one of the top 5 factors that I'm using to decide what to do comes down to analogue teletext but there you go...

    4. I still can't work out if the lack of 720p support is important or not. Has anyone tried the 1080i support on a Viera?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Nr Dorking
    Teletext! There's always 1 as they say! None of the boxes I know of have page memory. The netgem freeview box has internet built in, who needs teletext? Seriously though, it's a tough one. You may have to face the fact that you are fast becoming a dinosaur, and change your information system to fit the modern age. Teletext support is more limited than it used to be because of the net, and digital text etc. Many people no longer have any analogue TV tuners in the house. I confess there's one in my s-vhs, but it's not connected to an aerial.

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