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    My firewire card finally arrived the other day. Installed without any major problems (see other post).

    I have now had a chance to play with capturing from my camera and doing some basic editing. VideoWave seems fairly straight forward to use and the previews seem ok. One problem I am having is control of the audio tracks. Whenever I do a transition from one scene to another the video looks fine but the sound is horrible. It doesn't appear to fade the audio tracks correctly. I have looked at the audio editing side and given that both scenes are from the same AVI file there doesn't appear to be away to alter the audio (or at least the controls I tried had no perceptable difference!). Also I would like to be able to add audio tracks to start arbitarily within one scene and finish in another. Again I can't see a way to do this. It appears you can add audio to a specific scene. Any ideas?

    Also the automatic scene detection seems a bit strange. At the moment I want to be able to capture video and for scenes to be detected for every time I started and stopped the camera. However all I have is a slider from 0 to 100 that changes the sensitivity of the content based scene detection!

    Any suggestions. Or should I look at one of the other packages. I have already ruled out Pinnacle Studio as it does not cope well with widescreen videos.

    <br />TIA


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