VideoSeven LTV27CH


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A mate of mine is looking at the newer 27in LCD from Videoseven, the LTV27CH (not the LTV27C older model) Has anyone got one or seen one working? Just looking for info for him...

I have the older 32in model and am sort of happy with it in general (apart from an issue with Progressive Scan but that will be sorted out) so don't mind recommending the brand to him.



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i've got the 32" new H model gotta say i'm very happy having fun rewatching my dvd collection connected through component and it looks grand

i was worried about watching urm... :D back up copies of films through vga but it scales very well and gotta say playing dvd's through vga gives component a run for its money :thumbsup:

just waiting for sony :mad: to send me camera back and i'll post some pics


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Anyone with this TV tried, if it supports NTSC? I know that the C-model has problems but what about this?

PS. Sorry for hijacking your thread thelawns :smashin:


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So no one ever tried this TV with NTSC/PAL60 devices? I'm just wondering if this would work with PS2/XBOX in 60 Hz mode.

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