Videoseven HDTV's - image resizing


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Is there anyway of keeping an aspect ratio on videoseven tv's (namely the 32" HDTV), so that when watching through sky+, the image does not resize during advert breaks (i.e. i would rather have the image stretched all the time rather than have banners down the sides).

If i set the aspect to 16X9, it will only stretch the picture until the ad break, at which point it will see the input to resize the image again. I have to keep the sky+ setting to "RGB autodetect" (or something like that) to maintain a good picture. If i toggle this option off, the screen will stay stretched, but as soon as i turn the tv off and on again (or change input source), i get a nasty video signal.

Any help would be appreciated, as it's driving me nuts and seems to be a big oversight.
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