Videosender and home alarm interference


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hi all

I wanted some advice please

A friend installed a diy type home alarm for me with external siren, fobs and 8 sensors and 2 window shocks

It's a wireless gsm alarm gsm 900/1800/1900 bands pic can be provided if required

all was working fine when installed

Now some sensors and sometimes the external siren are not responding and he believes it's to do with my video sender made by Nikkai 5.8ghz I have 1 sender 3 receivers.

Anyway I never believed that but looking at manual (pls see pic) it seems he may have a point as I can see 433mhz on both manuals.

I'm no whizz so that means nothing to me but if that is cause of interference and is stopping SOME (not all) sensors from working and also making my external siren intermittent

Does anybody have any advice ??

When I switch the digi senders off they mostly work - except the siren don't know if permanently messed up now as that doesnt ring at all. defo not mains issue btw.

Will all video senders be the same?
Can I change the 433mhz it uses?
so annoying as im quite reliant on the receivers but obviously want my sensors/siren going off.



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I assume the 433MHz is used by the Receivers' return channel (for IR remote commands). I doubt the frequency is changeable like the 5.8GHz channel, but the manual would tell you. Switch off the receivers and check if the alarm is still affected.

433MHz is used by a lot of equipment, including doorbells and key fobs, though usually they only transmit briefly.


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They have been off for weeks and all sensors work

Sadly my external siren is permanently damaged can that happen??
It just doesn't ring anymore
It's on at mains

Can the interference have killed it for good?
Or should I look to see if neighbour has 433 devices...

Finally do all senders use 433mhz would be good to get something else otherwise


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Surely the siren has a mains connection? If not, then check the battery. The system manual will tell you how often to replace all the sensor and alarm batteries. Interference will not cause damage.


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Yup it has mains
And that's on
Battery back up is on too
It beeps when you switch on and off from mains to show its "working"

But it just doesn't seem programmed anymore and that's why i ask if the interference has messed it up
Ie it doesn't ring when alarm rings / internal siren does though which is good at least

Nor does it beep once when u arm from fob or beep twice when u disarm from fob anymore

Hence I feel the video senders messed it up

Sadly a local builder installed this "home alarm" for me but runs it like a company so will charge me call out

And my video senders I guess I can never use again! :-(


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First it is not 433mhz, it is 433MHz. The latter is 1000,000,000 times bigger than the former.
There is no way any interference can have killed the sounder permanently.
Any alarm that can't work in the same house as other 433MHz stuff is clearly not fit for purpose. If it still won't work with all the sensors off it is clearly faulty, but not caused by the sensors.


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Can somebody please explain to me for my peace of mind what IR operating frequency: refers too?

I thought IR was to do with remote controlling from another room - or is it associated with the A/V part of the videosender?

Nikkai 5.8GHz Phono Video Sender Kit | Maplin
"IR operating frequency: 433.92 MHz "

As mentioned i was getting interference and its stopped my siren working. but atleast sensors are all good so i get my texts and internal siren works too.

but i wondered if it was the remote control part of the device that functions on 433.92 MHz (AS DOES THE HOME ALARM) - then if i could just take that lead out.....but still use the sender for A/V purposes???


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sorry can you please advise what unshielded wallplates/joints are?
cables run under floorboards to the dining room from lounge. and outside the front of house to the bedroom for the lounge.
co-ax quality - not a clue, just what builder fitted ages ago.....!

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